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The Opportunity

The Opportunity

We are a Medicare/Healthcare Producer Support Agency that helps individuals build their own successful business as a healthcare plan advisor.  Our independent producers are able to offer nearly every Healthcare/Medicare Plan available in Oklahoma, including BlueCross, Coventry, Aetna, Humana, GlobalHealth, Generations, Mutual of Omaha and many others.  BlueCross and BlueShield of Oklahoma has recognized us as their #1 independent Field Marketing

Organization.  Our producers are non-captive and contracted DIRECTLY with these Healthcare/Medicare Plans.  Producer commissions are paid direct from the Plans.  Many existing producers have become more successful by joining our organization.  Existing independent agents/producers can gain our local support and opportunities, without any reduction in the commission rates from the carriers they already represent.

Most plans offer immediate vesting with LIFETIME renewals.  Based on current Medicare allowable producer commission rates, producers with only 250 clients will receive over $50,000 per year in renewals.  We have had producers enroll over 20 members in one day by doing public seminars.  We teach interested producers to become seminar presenters.

We also offer:

  • Producer website for online enrollments (work from home)
  • Preset appointments from carriers like BlueCross for qualified producers
  • Lead generation programs
  • Lead Lists
  • Local Support
  • Local offices with client meeting/presentation rooms
  • Local training including product, compliance and sales training

List of Opportunity Events

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