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About Us

ABC Medicare Help

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us as an independent agent/producer.

My name is Eddie Kremeier. My wife Sherry and I are the principals at ABC Medicare Plans, the #1 field marketing organization for Medicare plans in Oklahoma.

We provide support — marketing, training and office — for affiliated producers in the field who sell Medicare plans for our contracted carriers. We represent most plans and carriers available in our territory, and our motto is “Medicare Made Simple,” which is also the basis of our training program.


Whether you are a brand new agent or a veteran with many Medicare plan sales under your belt and a healthy book of business, we can help you build your business.

We started ABC Medicare Plans after helping our parents enroll in their first Medicare plans a few years ago. We discovered that Medicare options can be confusing and overwhelming, and we found that it was difficult to find a reliable source of information.

We learned that people don’t want to be sold products. They want help making good decisions to protect themselves and their families. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to simplifying the information for our clients so they can make better, informed decisions about their coverage.

Our affiliated agents are directly contracted with many carriers. Therefore, ABC agents are able to help clients shop and enroll in the plans that best fit their needs and budgets. Our agent affiliation agreements have no bearing on commissions. ABC agents own their business and earn full commissions and renewals directly from the carriers via non-captive contracts.

One of our biggest passions is helping people find ways to be able to afford their medications. Unfortunately, many Medicare beneficiaries find themselves having to decide between buying groceries and buying their prescribed medications. Our organization takes the lead in helping people in these situations. We have researched and asked many questions to learn how to best help them.

We also learned that more than 1 million Americans qualify for assistance but never knew it existed. We conduct seminars and spread the word as often as we can about the Prescription Drug Extra Help program administered by Social Security. Many of our clients have qualified for Extra Help, and the results have been amazing. The Extra Help program helps Medicare beneficiaries pay their premiums and copays for prescription drugs. In many cases, our clients save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year on the cost of their medications. Suddenly, they can buy their groceries again without giving it a second thought!

We also teach our clients how to use their Prescription Drug Plan to their advantage, and to identify the tiers and copays when doctors prescribe them new medications. We teach them to always know what you will be paying out of pocket for drugs before they get to the pharmacy. Our clients have found this information very empowering.

We’ve found that our “Medicare Made Simple” and Extra Help training alone opens doors for many of our agents, and they enjoy making a positive difference in their clients’ lives.

Our dream is to build the largest organization in the USA of independent businessmen and women that share our mission of making a positive difference in the life of every person they meet.  By ourselves, we can only help so many people but as a TEAM we can make a huge difference because Together Everyone Achieves More.  We do believe, as Zig Zigler stated, “you can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” We do our best to live our lives and operate our business based on the biblical principles we have learned.

We would be honored to have you attend our On-Demand Webinar to learn more about what we do and get to know you.  If you're unable to attend one of our meetings we would be happy to meet with you individually.  Please click here to register for one of our upcoming meetings or give us a call at 405-701-3148.

We look forward to meeting you, Eddie & Sherry Kremeier.