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How To Get An Insurance License in Minnesota

The first step to launching your business as an independent producer is obtaining your insurance license.

If you live in Minnesota, you will need to apply for a Resident Producer's License with the Minnesota Commerce Department (MCD).

To sell Medicare plans with ABC Medicare Plans, you will need to obtain an Accident & Health license. The Life Insurance license is not required, but many agents complete their requirements since most of the pre-licensing study courses cover that material.

You also may need a Life License to enroll your clients in additional coverage beyond Medicare plans.


Pre-Licensing Study

The first step to getting licensed is to sign up for a study course that will help you prepare for the exam.

We recommend using LicenseCoach.com, an online study course (Discount Code:ABC4400).

As an ABC Medicare Plans candidate, you will receive a $140 discount when you enter our coupon code (see instructions below).

Several vendors and certified instructors also conduct live training sessions. You may find a list of those at www.sircon.com.

1) Enrollment instructions for LicenseCoach:  

  1. Go to www.licensecoach.com and click "SIGN UP"
  2. Select Insurance Certification
  3. Choose your "State" and click "Go".
  4. Select your course
  5. Enter the coupon code ABC4400 in the appropriate box and click "Apply"
  6. Your ABC-discounted pricing is $59.99
  7. Normal website pricing is $199.00.  That is a $140.00 savings!
  8. Enter your personal information
  9. Enter your payment information and click on "Place Order Now" to complete your purchase and begin studying.

2) Schedule your exam

There are several testing sites across the sate and you are free to choose where to take the exam.

You may contact PSI exams at either www.psiexams.com or call (800) 733-9267 to schedule your exam. The website will include a list of testing locations with contact information.

You may also review this MCD Candidate Information Booklet that outlines the entire process.

3) Take your exam

Your exam will consist of multiple-choice questions and will be taken on a computer at the testing location.

After submitting your exam, your results will be provided before you leave the location.

If you pass and qualify for a license, you will be provided with certification that will be needed to apply for your actual license.

If you fail, you will be allowed to reschedule your next attempt. Information will be provided to you each time before you leave the facility.

4) Get Fingerprinted

It is strongly recommended to be electronically fingerprinted at one of PSI Minnesota sites, during regular testing hours, on the day of your examination. The prints will be forwarded electronically to the appropriate review agencies. You will pay the fingerprinting fee at the test site on the day of testing.

Before your fingerprints are taken, you will need to sign a background check authorization form that expires one year after it is signed. Accordingly, if more than a year passes between the day your fingerprints are taken and the day you apply for your license, you will need to be fingerprinted again and pay another fee.


5) Apply for your Minnesota license  

You must apply and be issued an Minnesota insurance license in order to sell, solicit, or negotiate (or adjust) insurance in the state of Minnesota. If an exam was required, allow 3 business days for PSI to provide the exam results to the Minnesota Commerce Department (MCD) electronically prior to applying.


Choose the "New Insurance License" button link on the page to get started.

6) MCD will review your application

Submitting an application does not mean that a license was approved or issued.  You will be notified (by the contact email address entered on the application) when the application is approved or if the MCD needs additional information.  You may check the status of a license online using the Licensee Lookup tool.

Please allow 5 business days for OID to review your application.

7) Print your new license

After the license has been issued, you may view and print your license online using the Licensee Lookup tool.
You may contact the licensing and education division directly at:

Phone 651-539-1500 or 1-800-657-3602 Email: licensing.commerce@state.mn.us

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